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Exhibit September 2023

'Carrying the Load,' Landless Indian Series 2001-2012, Found in Grandpa's House, photograp

'Landscapes of Survivance features contemporary U.S.-based Indigenous artists working in the broad category of landscape art, in ways that underscore the survivance of their cultures' systems of knowledge, particularly related to place. Anishinaabe scholar Gerald Vizenor describes survivance as "an active sense of presence, the continuance of natuve stories." Survivance transcends mere survival; it rejects the narratives of victimry that often characterize mainstream U.S. accounts of Indigeneous cultures, privileging instead the endurance and dynamism of these communities - even in an era when many live far from their ancestral homelands. opening at the Santa Clara  Gallery featuring contemporary Native American photographers, sharing work rooted in ancestral locations and modern times,' as described by Curator Elizabeth Hawley.

Catherine Herrera is invited artist exhibiting nine images from her series, 'Landless Indians, 2002-2022,' that grew out of Catherine's embrace and exploration of her Costanoan heritage, the education process she underwent, recovering documentation and going through the process of 'proving' her heritage both to honor her ancestors, family, and as a descendant, to reflect on the impact of colonialization as much as on the resiliency of her ancestors, the gifts passed down, and the responsibility to maintain the path for future generations.

Lighter - SM - Martins Beach Project Title Cards, 2022, photography by Catherine Herrera,

Catherine Herrera Photo & Video selected California Creative Corps Grantee

The 18th Street Center announced on March 24, 2023 that Catherine Herrera and 'The Martins Beach Project,' focusing on coastal & beach public access in California in the face of climate change, have been selected to advance to the second round of their innovative California Creative Corps project seeking visionary projects addressing important issues of our time. Over the next month, Catherine will join 41 artists in a month long learning process and final preparations of The Martins Beach Project proposal for selection as one of 14 finalists for this incredible support made possible with funding from the California Arts Council.  Read more:


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