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In 2022, Catherine Herrera is a selected Writing Fellow at Roots & Written, and her writing/art is featured in 'The Lemon Tree: Artists' & Writers' Personal Journeys of Creativity' published in March 2022. 


Catherine Herrera writes poetry, short stories, novels and memoir. Catherine Herrera spent her early years living in Maryland, forest lands her backyard, a place of wonder and invented stories. After moving to California, Catherine started writing poetry and short stories. A pinhole camera course and watching her father and grandfather as photographers, her passion for writing was paired with a love for writing. She was encouraged to write by her father. 

A stint at the Daily Trojan while a student at the University of Southern California ignited a desire to report through photos and in writing and share stories of the people in the world that were kin, most often never seen in the media and on screens. That desire for sharing stories grew as she moved to Mexico City as a Fulbright Fellow, and began working as a photojournalist & documentary news producer. While there, Catherine was invited to publish in an anthology, being her first formal publication of her writing. 

Publications & Fellowships 


2022 Writing Fellow, Rooted & Written, San Francisco Writers Conference 


‘The Lemon Tree: Artists’ & Writers’ Personal Journeys of Creativity, edited by Nitza Agam, March 2022 


‘Talking to Goddess, Peaceful Visions’ from Many Traditions edited by D’vorah Green (2014)


‘Arts as Catalyst for Healing,’ Bioneers Conference Presenter, Oct. 2014

Screening of ‘Bridge Walkers’ and ‘Open Doors’ with a talk on the power of art as catalyst for healing community relations and individual health. 


‘Early Native American Participation in San Francisco,’ August, 2014, San Francisco Heritage and San Francisco Latino Historical Society, highlighting the Herrera Family living in San Francisco in 1860, and, Eugene Herrera, blues/jazz saxophonist, and, at his death at 103 years of age, was the oldest working musician in the SF Musicians’ Union. 


The Potrero Hill, Photojournalist and Reporter, San Francisco, CA 

Publication of photographs and articles.


Native News of California, publication of poetry written by Catherine Herrera.


‘Landless Indian,’ Publication of photographs from the ‘Landless Indian’ Series as illustration for California Ohlone Educational Curriculum, and, for the 2013 Ohlone Days Program. Coyote Hills Regional Park. 


Cover Photograph, Catalogue, Ohlone Days 2010, Coyote Regional Park, California

Cover photograph, ‘As the Trees and Moon always remember us,’


Ghost Writer/Editor: Pioneer Chicana/Latina Artists: Creating  Institutional Inclusion, Blaze Anthology (2007); The Great Divide, abstract for conference presentation on the article Pioneer Chicana/Latina Artists: Creating Institutional Inclusion.


Essay published in One Wound for Another, 2001/2006

An anthology of Latino writers contributing reflections on five years after 9-11, and as a follow up on the first essay published in Cybertestimonials. Binational publication and sale. 

A Woman Writing at Home
'Looking Back, 1993, Mexico Series, photograph Catherine Herrera, Flor de Miel Fotos, Intl

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Taking Notes
'Salon Los Angeles, Danzon Series,' 1994, Mexico City, photograph by Catherine Herrera, In

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Bridge Walkers, Catherine Herrera, 2017
Bridge Walkers, Catherine Herrera, 2017

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A Woman Writing at Home
'Looking Back, 1993, Mexico Series, photograph Catherine Herrera, Flor de Miel Fotos, Intl

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Catherine Herrera is a photographer specializing in photojournalism/documentary photography and commissions for editorial, documentary and portraits photography. 

Her work has exhibited at museums, galleries and community centers in the U.S. and Mexico.