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Summer Delights – ‘Swirling, Whirling Energy, oil on paper, 2013.’

I’ve been in San Francisco for nearly 11 years, and still, I adjust to the chilly, foggy summers, and, delight when I have the chance to visit Bay area destinations with warmer weather! My skin warm, my spirit soars!

Today’s feature,’Swirling, Whirling Energy,’ was created in 2013, during one of those warm summer spells.

Enjoy the long holiday weekend!

Fine Art Licensing and Collector’s Print Sale

2015 is off to a great start and I hope you are enjoying the winter and planting seeds for spring.

Today’s offering is a unique fine art print, ‘ Joining Forces for Good ,’ is a new work from this year, and is part of the Print Collector’s Special on for this January.

For an archival, signed print of this limited edition of (25) please click on the link below. The size is 11 x 17, museum-quality print produced locally in San Francisco and personally reviewed for quality prior to shipping.

For more accessible prints and products with this image, please contact me at

Purchase the Collectors Special for January!

Joining Forces for Good, 2015, photograph by Catherine Herrera - Flor de Miel Fotos, Intl CR Reserved, contact for License
Joining Forces for Good, 2015, photograph by Catherine Herrera – Flor de Miel Fotos, Intl CR Reserved, contact for License

Fall Flowers – Art by Catherine Herrera – Interior Design Special Inside *

photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License. (Catherine Herrera Photography)


As we move into Fall – or here in San Francisco, our summer! with 70 degree weather in November – I am drawn to the Oranges and Reds and Browns and Greens of Fall.

As the time change goes into effect, everyone shifts with the chilling weather and climate.

This exquisite photograph has very subtle and deep green that prints a beautiful contrast when custom ordered and printed locally here in San Francisco with my partner, Dickerman Photos. I ensure the quality of the shipped print, signed and carefully packaged for safe travel to your home.

Visit the shop by clicking here to visit the image, and select the shopping cart, and choose the print type, framed or unframed, or whether you’d like to share the image on a quality-printed note card and envelope set. (Gift Certificates are available).

Interior Designers in San Francisco – please remember all first-time cash sales will receive a 10% discount from November 03-November 12, 3014. Framing options include: sustainable recycled distressed frame, gold leaf and archival framing/matte, or simple metal or wood. 

Thank you so much for viewing, and visiting. Leave a comment, or connect with me if you have any questions on your order: