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Director Catherine Herrera selected California Cultural Corps 2nd Round Grantee

The 18th Street Center announced on March 24, 2023 that Catherine Herrera and 'The Martins Beach Project,' focusing on coastal & beach public access in California in the face of climate change, have been selected to advance to the second round of their innovative California Creative Corps project seeking visionary projects addressing important issues of our time. Over the next month, Catherine will join 41 artists in a month long learning process and final preparations of The Martins Beach Project proposal for selection as one of 14 finalists for this incredible support made possible with funding from the California Arts Council.  Read more:


Join The Martins Beach Project as a Patreon to follow the coastal production journey in Summer 2023 and receive unique rewards for supporting the project bringing unique stories from Coastal Communities that make California so beautiful and abundant with diverse voices and history!

Learn more about San Francisco filmmaker, photographer, author and artist Catherine Herrera

72 DPI - Flor de Miel Media Logo 2019 wi
72 dpi 10 x 14 tiny wmk - adj - 'Rise, Hummingbird' Digital Drawing, 2017, Design & Art by
Catherine Herrera Photography Image 2021.png
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