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New Projects Launching!

Admittedly, I have not been keeping my blog up-to-date over the last year and a half. The Good News is that my creative time was divided between exhibiting work at various places here in San Francisco and Bay Area, and, further developing the Spirit Doll Project.

Before I go on too long, trying the impossible of catching up on everything in one sitting, a quick posting from the latest releases this May from the Spirit Doll series –

Here is ‘Robin Girl, 2015,’ featured in the ‘Capturing Resilience’ exhibit at U.C. Berkeley’s Phoebe A. Heart Museum of Anthropology in a show bring together the work of four Coastal Native California artists in the museum’s remodeled entryway.

I was honored to be included with the next generation of California Native artists and to learn more about their experiences and common points where our paths meet.

photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License. photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License. (Catherine Herrera Photography, Catherine Herrera Photography)

I’ll be sharing more about the Spirit Doll series and materials soon.

Thank you for visiting, and for the encouraging comments, you are appreciated too!


Would you like to contribute to the Spirit Doll Project, promoting greater coastal marine ecology and the use of creativity for resiliency, please visit our How to Participate page!