Focus on Beauty in Ugly Times

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I’ve been working on a series over the last eight months, its theme surprises me, a departure from the photojournalism/documentary lens. It may very well be a defense mechanism. Focus on beauty in ugly times. A healing visual respite. A long view of all that is presently. A teasing out of commitment to an equally beautiful future. A witness to nature’s beauty, still. Not knowing, does humanity make the turn, or keep marching forward? Will this all be here for the next generations?

Photography Prints

February is a yearly reminder how important love and friendship to a life well-lived, setting everyone’s sights on Spring’s thaw, budding love blossoms.

In 2020, the diverse ways to celebrate demonstrate collective emotional growth and fulfillment, as many people eschew traditional materialistic and binary ways of expressing love in favor of inclusion and acceptance.

The movement to embrace self-care as a gift to one’s self reflects deeper inroads to love. Assuming responsibility for one’s own health and happiness, joining two whole beings by the heart in love, stomping down useless and old notions of co-dependent love.

Love is no easy journey, and not everyone reaches the finish line together.

Even so, still to be celebrated! Check out the February 2020 Insider article about the Break-Up Bar, a Valentine’s pop-up restaurant in Los Angeles. See what I mean! How cool is that? What a great way to celebrate and commiserate, the broken-hearted topping off with a chocolate brownie by the same name, knife and strawberry preserve dramatic flare!

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