Coastal Wood Sculptures and Art

In December 2015, several of my coastal wood sculptures were featured in an exhibit at U.C. Berkeley’s Phoebe A. Heart Museum. (Catherine Herrera, San Francisco Editorial and Assignment Photographer)

I have lived most my life along the California coast. I was taught to have great respect for the strength of the ocean, and to respect coastal and marine life.

About two years ago, I had a fall that caused several injuries that greatly impacted my ability to go out as I had before. A good friend took me out to the coast to cheer me up, and, I reconnected in such a grateful way, thankful for how the smell of the ocean air, the blue waves, the dolphins, and birds.

Like I had as a child, I sat at the ocean’s edge and considered what came next in my creative life, and what I hoped to give back.

From reclaimed wood, broken shells, and recycled materials, I began creating expressions of that love and gratitude for the ocean. Five percent of all sales goes to increasing awareness and preservation of California Coastal life and culture.

Each unique piece is one-of-a-kind, signed, and the client can choose natural or glazed finish.

Original pieces for sale. Inquire below or visit

photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License. photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License. (Catherine Herrera Photography, Catherine Herrera Photography)

Reproductions are available as note cards and hanging wall prints for home/office.