Category: California Coastal Wood and Shell Sculptures by Catherine Herrera

California Artist Catherine Herrera, Coastal Wood and Shell Sculpture in honor of coastal life and culture

New Releases: Branching Out (Catherine Herrera, San Francisco Editorial and Assignment Photographer)

Solstice has just passed, offering the longest day of the year. San Francisco has been a balmy near 80-degrees, a refuge from the souring heat inland. (Catherine Herrera, San Francisco Editorial and Assignment Photographer)

In my last post, I wrote about sitting out while the nerve in my arm healed. Well, MRI’s revealed additional tears and fractures from the fall, including my right foot and leg. I’ve been stuck at home, but, I have been using the time to further the goals set at the start of the year, keeping focused, and preparing for when the foot is healed and I can get back to filming.

In between editing, and writing, I have been working still on the California coastal wood, shell and rock sculptures I started back in 2015 as part of a larger project, The Spirit Dolls. (Catherine Herrera, San Francisco Editorial and Assignment Photographer)

This new series branches out to reflect on my love for coastal California, an homage to the great Pacific Ocean, along side I have lived most of my life. I am contributing 5% of sales to the mission of raising awareness through education about California coastal life and culture.

These unique, one-of-a-kind wood sculptures are designed to delight their collector.  People often have an immediate connection to the one or another of the pieces.

I am delighted when the spirit of the coast and sculpture connects with the spirit of the viewer. Some pieces remain with me, but other scupltures are available for sale.

Contact me if you are interested in learning more, and to sign up for the mailing list for local Bay Area gallery and collectors shows, and news of California coastal life.