FAQ’s – Original Book Cover Art by Catherine Herrera and Catherine Herrera Photography

1) Is the price based on time? 

No. You can stretch the time out until you are sure the original concept fits the book as its developed over time! My quoted estimate is for the cost of creating an original art work.

2) How does the process start?

The first part of the process is coming up with the original concept which I share and convey in drawing or mock-ups. Two (2) design options will be presented, we will have flexibility to discuss any changes at that time.

If you do like the concept based on the drawing, and you decide to go to the next step, then, you will be invoiced for $550 to begin creating the 8 x10 artwork. Final payment of $550 is due at delivery of the camera-ready art work.

3) If I agree to the first payment, am I committing to pay the rest of the fee? 

No, not unless you use the drawing, or ideas contained in the drawing.

The first payment is also known as a ‘kill fee,’ meaning, if at the end of the revisions and final drawings – before even starting the actual collage art piece – you are not happy or do not want to continue, you are not charged any more money.

4) Why price this way? 

I want you to have the freedom to choose based on my drawing whether to advance to the next phase or not. If you do not approve a final drawing, I will not be creating a final original work.

I am also protected. Before I create the original art work, if you do not authorize a final version, I am paid for the time I put into the designs and meeting to discuss.

I do not count on the rest of the payment unless I’ve ‘sold you’ with the design drawings.

5) How to start? 

If you’d like to start with the first part of the process, here is the link for making the Concept Phase Fee.

Original Book Cover Art by Catherine Herrera and Flor de Miel Fotos

6) Why do some book cover designers charge so little?

Sometimes, people are surprised at the cost of commissioning an original art work for a book cover.

If you have a budget in mind, please let us know so we can prepare a proposal to meet you budget.

In preparing your budget, please research the difference in cost with ‘stock’ or images that the client provides, vs. commissioning original art work, which influences to the total cost of the cover.

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