Creative Consulting Service

Sweet Blessings Creative Consulting is an hourly and by project consulting service designed to assist creative individuals and businesses to create, manage and implement strategy for media content designed to increase sales, sell a concept, introduce a project.

Services start with and can develop through:

Media Consulting

  •            Media Strategy to achieve goals
  •             Create Media including art, photographs, and video
  •             Promotional and Advertising Materials

Create Media for Promotions and Advertising for:

  •            Print
  •            Web
  •             Public Presentation
  •             Television and Large Screen

Business Plan Conceptualization and Creation

  •              Business Visualization Exercises and Goal-Setting
  •              Talk through obstacles, challenges and weaknesses to devise plan to tackle
  •              Business Plan Consulting and Writing Services

Background and Training

In 2007, I wrote a winning business plan for Flor de Miel Media, and after years of saving, and several grants, I finally purchased a professional, broadcast-quality camera to add to my digital photo equipment, and with stacks of hard drives, set out creating films, installations and fine art projects designed to entertain, empower and inspire audiences on topics of importance today. ‘Best Business Idea’ was the award from the Renaissance Business Center in San Francisco where I graduated from a Business Planning and Management Course to bolster my B.A. from the Entrepreneur Center at USC in Los Angeles, California.

I wrote my first business plan in 1987! I was a recent graduate of the Entrepreneur Program at the University of Southern California, where I took classes dually in the film/art departments, and, I proposed a calendar of Olympic Gymnasts.I created the first prototype, contacting and developing relationships with the committee, and, Olympic-bound gymnasts, and cultivating an audience expressing interest in the calendar.

As a recent graduate from college, my first business plan commission was with a local, Los Angeles-based, company that produced wheelchairs. I had no idea that my education in entrepreneurship would make possible working on such a worthy social product for disabled persons.

For the next 25 years, and throwing in a degree in the law from USC, I worked within the entertainment and journalism industry, always trying to find a balance between striving towards my goals, and, facing the real need to work. I loved photojournalism from my first assignment in college, and for the next twenty-five years, did my best to survive and thrive as a media producer, director and artist. You can visit the Exhibits and Screenings section to learn more and visit my portfolio where you can find samples of my film, art and writing.

As much as I have to offer from my successes, my failures also enhance what I offer clients by:

  1. Understanding the excitement of small business ownership as well as the challenges
  2. Years of experience in business plan research, writing and assessment
  3. Specializing in working with book authors, creative individuals (from any field), artists, entrepreneurs, and creative entrepreneurs.
  4. Like me, you probably went into business to offer something important to the world – I will work with you to create
    1. Engaging media for promotions and advertising across platforms
    2. Assess what existing media you own, and, create strategy to maximize what you currently own
    3. Create plan for creating exciting media that meets today’s technology advances for increasing sales!

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