How to Participate!

As an artist, I appreciate the support of fans, collectors and partners. You inspire me, and your communications motivate me with the confidence to expand and share new work. Thank you!

Today, art continues to play a vital role in our emerging democracy and patrons of the arts are essential partners in bringing forth art, culture and important creative reflections on our times. As an artist, I have always reflected on, and engage audiences on important themes that inspire conversations and move forward cultural evolution.

Your participation goes straight to the bottom line of creating, exhibiting and distributing of new work in museums, galleries, cultural centers and sharing with a wider sphere of individuals.

I promise to repay your participation by putting forth a high-quality, inspiring, and empowering arts as thanks for your support!


Collect an original artwork or signed, numbered archival photograph! Visit Catherine Herrera Photography to view artwork, photography and original items.

Like a piece of art on this site? Make fun phone case or computer back, order a t-shirt, or create a selection of note cards! Just click on any image you see on the site or the portfolio link above to add to your shopping cart!

photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License photo by Catherine Herrera, Intl CR Reserved. Contact for License (Catherine Herrera, Catherine Herrera)

Like what I create and want to contribute to its creation and exhibition? Donations appreciated!

Donate by Paypal for secure online donations or by check (email for info)

Currently, funding will go towards the following projects:

A. The Spirit Doll Project and increasing capacity to offer workshops on creativity as means for overcoming trauma and transforming critical needs into healing tools for self, family and community.

B. Application and process to register to share the Spirit Dolls at venues in San Francisco requiring fees and purchase of mobile capacity.

C. New labels and educational materials to support the broader educational goal for the art on this site and Spirit Dolls Project through outreach through traditional and leading channels.


Share the Love! by introducing friends to the art on my site by invitation through social media and traditional word of mouth!

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