Early San Francisco History at The Mint

'Specks of Gold: Hidden Treasures,' presentation by Catherine Herrera, filmmaker and artist, about 'Bridge Walkers' installation, March 04, 2017. Contact for License.

A year’s hiatus from public presentations was a necessary step to focus on the compressed nerve found in my right arm. This year is focused on new treatments and strengthening the muscles, and, returning to exhibiting and public presentations. I gave a presentation on March 04, 2017 at the San Francisco History Days about my […]

Summer Delights – ‘Swirling, Whirling Energy, oil on paper, 2013.’

I’ve been in San Francisco for nearly 11 years, and still, I adjust to the chilly, foggy summers, and, delight when I have the chance to visit Bay area destinations with warmer weather! My skin warm, my spirit soars! Today’s feature,’Swirling, Whirling Energy,’ was created in 2013, during one of those warm summer spells. Enjoy […]

New Projects Launching!

Admittedly, I have not been keeping my blog up-to-date over the last year and a half. The Good News is that my creative time was divided between exhibiting work at various places here in San Francisco and Bay Area, and, further developing the Spirit Doll Project. Before I go on too long, trying the impossible […]

Fine Art Licensing and Collector’s Print Sale

2015 is off to a great start and I hope you are enjoying the winter and planting seeds for spring. Today’s offering is a unique fine art print, ‘ Joining Forces for Good ,’ is a new work from this year, and is part of the Print Collector’s Special on for this January. For an […]